Safe and Fuel Efficient – Defensive Driving courses at our center or yours!!!

The Economic and Defensive Driver Training course is designed to assist companies or individuals with regular reviews of their standards of driving. At the end of the training the driver will be aware of any driving faults for which corrective instruction will be provided. The driver will be able to practice the principles of defensive driving and also be able to drive economically and in an environment-friendly manner. The course can be tailored to meet company or individual needs.

The benefits of driving using the skills learned on this course are well-established and include:

  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Reduced accident damage
  • Reduced down time, driver fatigue and stress

Whilst improving:

  • Hazard awareness
  • Customer service
  • Company image
  • Possibility of greater insurance company discounts

Course Content

  • Introductions and driving licence checks
  • Principles of defensive and economic driving
  • Introduction to vehicle and basic vehicle checks
  • Pupil drive and assessment including manoeuvring
  • Pupil practice session
  • Final assessment
  • Reports


Five Keys to Defensive Driving

Smith System® Driver Improvement Institute was the nation’s first professional driver training company.  Established in 1952 by Harold Smith, it operates on the principle that most collisions are preventable if the right driving habits are learned, practiced and applied consistently.  Since then, millions of drivers throughout the world have benefited from this system.

It operates on 5 key principles:

Aim High In Steering

Look at least 15 seconds into your future, not just at the vehicle in front of you.

Get the Big Picture

Look for hazards.  (Other Motorists, Pedestrians, Vehicle doors opening, etc.)

Keep Your Eyes Moving

Don’t stare.  Use your peripheral vision.  Stop the fixed habit stare.

Leave Yourself an Out

Monitor the space cushion around you.

Make Sure They See You

Use your signals.  (Directionals, 4-way Flashers, Head Lights, Brake Lights, Horn, Hand Signals.)  Make eye contact.

Defensive Driving Training Courses

Defensive Driving Training Courses

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