Evacuation chair training is vital in preparing for an emergency

The Fire & Rescue Service is not responsible for evacuating people from a building, so it is up to your fellow colleagues to ensure the safe evacuation of the property. Therefore staff members need to be trained to use evacuation chairs properly, and to be completely confident they can assist a vulnerable individual in the event of an emergency evacuation. For more information on our Evacuation Chair training courses please get in touch.

APS Training’s evacuation chair training is site-specific, so staff are trained to use evac chairs in their own building. Prior to evacuation chair training, we will conduct a building assessment and its usage, while identifying any issues that may affect the evacuation process.

Evacuation chair training options

Instruction evacuation chair training

Practical evac chair training sessions teach trainees to use evacuation chairs in the event of an emergency, and to do so with confidence. The session ensures that they can help people safely escape from their building.

Course Information

  • Course duration: 3 hours
  • Number of attendees: maximum of 6 people per training session
  • You Will Receive:
    • Certificate of competency valid for 3 years*

To book or find out more about your Instruction Training on evacuation products, please contact the team today on 0151 538 3373

Evac Chair Training Course 

This course will take you through the setting up and safe operation of the Excel Tracked Evacuation Chair. You will also learn about the current legislation and issues that affect a mobility impaired person. Upon completion you will be issued with a Basic Operators Certificate.

If you have any questions about our Evac Chair or emergency evacuation training i.e. type or how many candidates can be trained at a time, please contact our very experienced and knowledgeable training coordinators’ for further details.

Evacuation Chair Training

Evacuation Chair Training

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