Research has shown that children are more likely than adults to go missing, placing them in risky situations and increasing their vulnerability”

The Lost Child/Vulnerable Person training course we provide at Aps Training is aimed at informing and preparing staff in all situations where applicable that a lost child or person of vulnerability should wonder off or become lost. The course will provide information and skills on how to approach and deal with difficult situations in a professional and legally compliant manner.

  • Prevention – reducing the number of people who go missing – through prevention strategies, education work and early intervention in cases where children, young people and adults repeatedly go missing.
  • Protection – reducing the risk of harm to those who go missing – by ensuring local agencies provide a tailored, risk based response to cases of missing children, young people and adults and that they work together to find the person and to close cases as quickly as possible at a local and national level.
  • Provision – providing missing people and their families with support and guidance – by referring promptly and ensuring that missing people and their families understand how and where to access help and support.

What does the course include?

· · ·

  • Step by step protocol on how to approach and reassure parents/guardians
  • Lost children and the      vulnerable person.
  • Lost person policies and procedures
  • Lost child policies
  • Rules, legislation and regulation
  • Assessment
  • Legal documentation required
  • Practical demonstration
  • When to inform higher authorities
  • when the person is reunited with parent or guardian.

Lost Child/Vulnerable person Training


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