At APS Training Ltd our aim is to help improve road safety and reduce the growing financial burden on companies. Over the last few years transport companies overheads have soared with ever growing fuel prices and increasing insurance premiums

With numerous years of experience not only with training but also management we believe we are well equipped to have a positive impact on any companies performance.

Working with a number of our clients we have come up with the following programmes to help with driver performance.


Conduct an assessment of the driver’s Daily walk round checks, coupling & uncoupling procedure and their basis driving skills approx 2 hours required (this includes min 45min max 60min drive over a variety of road conditions)

The driver will be guided round a pre-set route by the assessor who will assess and record the driver’s ability and skills to drive to the DSA standard.

The result of the assessment will be in written form detailing the areas that the driver is advised to pay special attention to. The result will not be discussed with the driver, rather it will go to their supervisor/ manager and they will discuss the report.

Note- No driving instruction or remedial instruction will be given to the candidate before, during or after the assessment.


Defensive drivers are able to avoid dangers on the road by using their safe driving practices.

Tips for defensive driving:

  • Plan ahead for the unexpected.
  • Be able to control speed
  • Be Prepared to react to other drivers
  • Do not expect the other driver to do what you think he or she should do
  • Respect other users of the roadway.
  • Be aware of driving in special road and weather conditions
  • Be alert and avoid distratcions, e.g., cell phone use, eating.

Don’t make assumptions about another drivers intentions. If you expect drivers in parked vehicles to remain parked at all times, always yield at intersections, or remain in one lane at all times, etc., you risk being caught off guard when drivers do not do what’s expected.


Quality Checklist. Quality doesn’t just happen, it’s a product of proper project management. Use a quality checklist to ensure quality is planned into your project.













Record keeping

Part of any HGV training course at HGV Express is learning about tachographs, the recording of drivers’ hours and the seriousness of any breach in strict recording law. However some companies and individuals still believe that they are above the law when it comes to recording their proper working practices.

Landmark Haulage Limited of Portadown,Northern Ireland, has been found in breach of various laws after an investigation by the DVA (Driver and Vehicle Agency) and PSNI (Police Service ofNorthern Ireland) and has subsequently been ordered to be wound up by the High Court of Justice inNorthern Ireland.

The DVA’s investigation began in conjunction with assistance from PSNI on the 29th of November 2009, and revealed that 12 of the company’s vehicles had been fitted with illegal devices which could prevent signals from reaching the tachograph recording devices correctly. This is in breach of the Passenger and Goods Vehicles (Recording equipment) Regulations (NI) 1996. It was found that there was more than 40,000 kilometres in just one month (October-November) that had not been recorded. Landmark Haulage Limited was ordered to pay a fine of £500.00 for each count of producing, supplying or installing a device designed to interfere with tachograph recording. There were further fines of £150 on 10 examples of falsifying entries, as well as £200 for 6 charges relating to failure to produce documentation. Total fines were around £8,700.

Individual drivers and directors of the company were also targeted, with 8 drivers receiving fines totaling £2,900 for offences involving tachographs and driving hours. The drivers would have been aware of their offences due to their lorry or HGV training, and were prosecuted accordingly.

Tachograph and driving hours law is taken extremely seriously because tired and unfit drivers can cause fatal accidents. Large vehicles should only be operated by drivers who are fit and well, with the correct qualifications (class C training and above) and only when recording their journey and hours in the proper manner. The law is in place for both public safety and the welfare of drivers.

Mark and Lorraine Somerville, who were the company directors at the time of the investigation, were disqualified from holding any directorship for a period of 11 years as a result of the breaches, under the Company Directors Disqualification (NI) Order 2002.

There has been considerable media interest in the story, which highlights the serious nature of tachograph law for all HGV and lorry drivers. PSNI Superintendent Muir Clark was quoted by the BBC as saying: “While we welcome the courting ruling, which has been delivered by working in partnership with our Driver and Vehicle Agency colleagues, it is particularly disappointing that the haulage operator and its employees risked the lives of other innocent road users,” “I have no doubt that this joint operation has made our roads safer and hope that the court imposed fines and disqualifications will serve as a strong warning to others.” Many truck driver training schools will have highlighted the story to their trainees as an example of why correct record keeping is essential.

During November 2011, the official receiver set in place an order for Landmark haulage Limited to be wound up by 12.01.12 under the insolvency (Northern Ireland) Order 1989.

Company inductions

We co-ordinate and professionally present company induction programme information for new employees. These might include an employee welcome pack/CD/DVD, a coach’s induction briefing pack, plus evaluation questionnaires.

Working with line managers, we design and produce a bespoke staff induction programme to help the employee/s acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to perform well in the job role.

We design and facilitate bespoke company induction training to help orientate your employees to their new work environment. From a facilitated workshop to a customer experience, to developing a video or running a business simulation, we can help you enhance your induction programme.




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