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7 men aged between 42 and 62 have been arrested by Greater Manchester Police following allegations of fraud relating to Driver CPC Training. One of the 7 arrested was Bob Monks, General Secretary of the United Road Transport Union (URTU.)

It is not known if the 7 arrested are all from URTU or not. It is believed all 7 men have now been given bail. The arrests were made in light of a number of investigations carried out by The Driving Standards Agency (DSA) Fraud and Integrity Team.

URTU were the first company to lose JAUPT approval to deliver Driver CPC Periodic Training. Approval was lost when it was discovered URTU did not deliver a full 7 hour Driver CPC training course. This constituted a breach of JAUPT terms and conditions of approval.

The news of arrests shows how serious the DSA and the police are taking Driver CPC fraud and this should be welcomed by industry. It’s a wakeup call to other rogue training providers to get there houses in order or face similar action. It demonstrates that cutting corners is not acceptable and will not be tolerated for more information on driver cpc training visit

It is also unknown if the initial allegations, that triggered the investigations and subsequent arrest were as a result of drivers making complaints or other training providers. Either way it is giving the right signals when it comes to Driver CPC training. Get it right or face the consequences.

In recent months JAUPT and DSA have ramped up the number of approved centre

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